Founder & Management

Late Mrs.M.Krishna Jayaram, is the founder of MGM International School/CBSE Recognized, Yousufguda, in the year 1976. She was M.A, B.Ed and a gold medalist from Osmania University, Hyderabad. She was the wife of a retired army officer, Late Major M.S.J.Naidu and worked in various army schools in Bombay as a Teacher and Head Mistress.

She was a great supporter of Women’s Right to Education and always felt that all children especially girls, should be empowered with knowledge to face the hardships in the modern world. This was her objective and dedicated commitment. She was instrumental in shaping the educational philosophy of the school which has witnessed spectacular progress under her able guidance and dynamic leadership. She was a lover of sports and encouraged children to play sports for a holistic development.

She was ably supported by her late husband Major M.S.Jayaram Naidu (retd.Army officer) who was a strict disciplinarian. Hence discipline, punctuality, etiquette and good manners were imbibed in the child at a very young age in MGM International School/CBSE Recognized and it still continues to be so.



The present Principal correspondent,Mr.M.Muralinath Naidu (B.Sc, B.Ed, MBA), is a gold medalist from Osmania University, Hyderabad and has been instrumental in building the school brick by brick by helping his mother and the Founder President of MGM International School/CBSE Recognized, Late Mrs. Krishna Jayaram. He has helped in translating her vision to reality through his foresight and diligence.

Mr.M.M.Naidu started his career as a teacher in 1980, handling the subjects

Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. He has a vast experience in administrative, academic and other related fields in education. He has been a teacher and is still enjoys teaching the above subjects for High School sections. His dedication in developing the moral fabric of students who are rooted in Indian culture and tradition but at the same time have a modernistic approach is in tune with his personal beliefs.

He is a recipient of multiple awards. Mr.Naidu has also won the Best Principal Award in the year 2011. He was awarded the Best Teacher Award in Physics by FITTJEE (a renowned IT coaching institute) in the year ______ as his student topped the IIT Physics exam and dedicated his achievement to Mr. M.M.Naidu. His dedication in developing the moral fabric of students who are rooted in Indian culture and tradition but at the same time have a modernistic approach is in tune with his personal beliefs. He continues to inspire all the students and leaves no stone unturned to take MGM International School/CBSE Recognized to greater heights.

Vice Principal

Mrs.Kiran Naidu, (P.G. in child education, USA) is the Vice Principal

Mrs. Kiran Naidu went to the US in the May 2001 for a P.G. Diploma in early childhood education from Illinois. After finishing the course, she had a brief stint, teaching in various American schools like Spring Field Public School, Little Flower School, Our Savior’s Lutheran Church and school. This rich experience has helped our school develop a new insight into teaching children.

Hence our curriculum at the primary level is US Based with all aids, manipulatives and play equipments. Hence, all the teachers are extremely friendly with both children and parents - the end result being that the school becomes a fun place to learn. Her unique approach, injection of potent solutions and radical processes has ensured over the time that the quality of education is improved.

Mrs. Kiran Naidu has been extremely passionate about creating a purpose of learning and allow children to be thinkers, innovators, problem solvers and to orchestrate experiences that will result in their overall development from a very young age. With an intention to spark human values in every student alongwith learning, she introduced innovative ways of learning and integrated theme based activities.

She still continues to strive for her dreams of a society in which every child enjoys the right to a joyful childhood and quality education through MGM International School/CBSE Recognized.

Principal Message

MGM International School/CBSE Recognized is known for its high standard of education where great emphasis is laid on the complete and continuous interaction between teachers and pupils, both inside and outside classrooms.


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MGM International School/CBSE Recognized

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